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58 The PCB Magazine • September 2016 Programmable Ions Set the Stage for General-purpose Quantum Computers To date, many research groups have created small but functional quantum computers. By combining a handful of atoms, electrons or superconducting junctions, researchers now regularly demonstrate quantum effects and run simple quantum algo - rithms—small programs dedicated to solving par- ticular problems. China Further Fortifies its Semiconductor Sector with Formation of High-End Chip Alliance With the government's backing, key enterprises in China's semiconductor sector have just established a "high-end chip alliance" that fosters the forma - tion of a vertically integrated industry ecosystem on a national scale. Wearable Cloud Could be Less Expensive, More Powerful Form of Mobile Computing Researchers at the University of Alabama at Bir- mingham are exploring the concept of a wearable personal cloud—a fully functioning, yet compact and lightweight cloud computing system embed- ded into clothing. White House Advances High-Performance Computing Initiative The White House last week released a new strategic plan to implement the National Strategic Comput- ing Initiative (NSCI)—a supercomputing research effort—across government agencies. What's Wasting Power at Home? Ask your App! If you want to save on your monthly electric bill and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions at the same time, you might buy a new, energy-efficient refrig - erator, water heater, or clothes dryer. But if you can only replace one of these, which will give you the biggest payback? Accelerating Design Times for High-Performance Systems-on-Chip A team of computer scientists and electrical engi - neers from four U.S. universities have been award- ed a joint project with nearly $5 million in fund- ing from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Connected Car Market to Grow at 31% CAGR to 2020 The newly published report on connected car mar- ket titled "The Connected Car Ecosystem: 2016 – 2030: Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies & Forecasts," says the use of telematics is already widespread with the growing adoption of applica- tions such as fleet management, emergency call- ing, navigation, vehicle tracking and remote diag- nostics. Grid-connected Energy Storage Capacity Will Surge to 21 GWh by 2025 The global energy storage market is expected to double, from 1.4 gigawatt hour (GWh) added in 2015 to 2.9 GWh this year, offering unique growth prospects for many energy companies as global energy markets continue to cool. Global grid-con - nected energy storage capacity will surge to 21 GWh by 2025, according to IHS Markit. Growth in Wearable Electronics Enabled by Advances in Assembly and Packaging Strong market growth is predicted for wearable electronics fueled by new generations of wear - ables providing greater functionality in the same or smaller form factor, for the same or lower cost. IPC Announces Development of Press-fit Pin Standard for Automotive Requirements IPC has announced plans to start the development of a new standard intended to cover the qualifica - tions and acceptance requirements for press-fit pin technology that includes the reliability needs for automotive and other industries, such as aerospace. Electronics Industry News Market Highlights

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