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30 The PCB Design Magazine • September 2016 fornia facility to learn more about the acquisitions, their success in China, and the overall challenge of working in the aerospace and defense market. IPC Releases Final 2015 PCB Market Size Estimates and Growth Rates Report The North American PCB Market Report, published last week by IPC, reported IPC's final estimates of 2015 market size for rigid PCBs and flexible circuits in North America. Although North American PCB pro- duction decreased 4.3% in 2015 to $2.9 billion, the PCB market grew 1.4% to an estimated $3.4 billion. All About Flex: Considerations for Impedance Control in Flexible Circuits Impedance can be thought of as a system's opposi- tion to alternating or pulsing electronic current. The unit of measurement is ohms, the same unit of mea- surement in a direct current system. However, the components for calculating impedance are much more complex than DC resistance. Weiner's World This month's column has a higher percentage of IC coverage than normal for several reasons. The end of Moore's Law regarding transistor scaling will be dead by 2021 as will be replaced by 3D integration according to the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS). Inside Spirit Circuits I was recently treated to a factory tour with Spirit Circuits' Managing Director Martin Randall, to learn more about their process line and how it has evolved over time. In the discussion following, I learned about Spirit's involvement in the China market and how they've structured their business to handle quick turn prototypes locally and high volume abroad. Congressman Scott Peters Tours TTM Technologies' San Diego Facility Today, TTM Technologies Inc. held a town hall-style discussion with Congressman Scott Peters (D-CA- 52) on the legislative issues impacting the manufac - turing industry. Executives and employees of TTM gave Congressman Peters a first-hand look at the work taking place in their San Diego facility. Shane Whiteside and Summit Interconnect: Aspiring to New Heights A few weeks ago I was privileged to meet with Shane Whiteside in Anaheim, California, at KCA Electronics. Whiteside, former COO of TTM, has helped launch a new company—Summit Interconnect— which en- compasses the recent acquisition of KCA Electronics and Marcel Electronics International. Once again as- suming an executive role, this time as CEO and presi- dent, Whiteside shared his story, strategy and vision for this new chapter. Karl's Tech Talk: Digital Imaging Update Through the years, I have repeatedly covered and updated digital imaging in this column, from as far back as 1997 in CircuiTree, through a column in this magazine in November 2015. Several reasons for this extended coverage include the fact that technology had a slow, long incubation time that eventually led to accelerated improvements and acceptance for mass production. Happy's Essential Skills: Project/Program Management No matter what your job, you may have to manage, or play an active role in, a project at some point dur - ing your career. It takes a great deal of skill to do this well, but the time you invest in building good project management skills can pay off enormously. A Day with Pete (Starkey) Usually the one conducting the interviews, I-Con- nect007's own Pete Starkey recently found himself on the other side of the microphone when I spent time with him in his hometown of Market Bosworth, England. There, between hiking and gardening, we found time to discuss Pete's rich history in the PCB in- dustry and the many changes and surprises he's seen in the manufacturing process over the years. FTG: Focus to Expand Firan Technology Group (FTG) is a Canadian circuit board and cockpit product manufacturer. With a newly established global footprint, they look now to grow within that footprint, particularly by way of ac - quisition. I-Connect007's Judy Warner and Barry Mat- ties met CEO Brad Bourne at FTG's Chatsworth, Cali- PCB007 Highlights

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