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64 The PCB Design Magazine • September 2016 1 Brooks' Bits: Your Traces Have Hot Spots! Your traces have hot spots. At least, those that carry a moder- ate current do. Surprised? Well, Douglas G. Brooks was a little surprised, too, when he looked at this issue a little more closely. One chapter in Doug's latest book focuses on fusing currents, and this month he breaks out the thermocouple. 2 Mentor Graphics Launches New Xpedition Enterprise Platform Mentor Graph- ics Corporation has announced the first phase of the new Xpe- dition PCB flow to address the increasing com- plexity of today's advanced systems designs. To efficiently manage the density and performance requirements for advanced PCB systems, the new Xpedition flow provides advanced technologies to enable design and verification of 3D rigid-flex structures, and to automate layout of high-speed topologies with advanced constraints. 3 It's Only Common Sense: Mike Wilson, World's Greatest Design Salesman, Has Died My great friend and business associate, Mike Wilson, passed away last week after a short illness. Mike was indeed the world's greatest PCB design salesperson. Man, he knew everyone in the design world and everyone knew him. The world will be a little less interesting with- out Mike. For the 25 years I knew Mike, he was al- ways up to something. Mike would say something like, "There's a guy we have to talk to," or "What do you think about doing this?" 4 Beyond Design: The Rise of the Independent Engineer With the changing demograph- ics, the old-timers in our indus- try—the master PCB designers— are about to retire and hand over the exacting job of PCB design to the Gen-X and Ys. These genera- tions, shaped by technology, will tackle the most demanding designs without possessing the expe- rience that we veterans benefit from. TOP TEN Recent Highlights from PCBDesign007

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