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30 SMT Magazine • October 2016 courage feedback from their group, both posi- tive and negative. One of the ways they encour- age negative feedback is not to "kill the messen- ger" who is the bearer of bad news. However, probably the most important thing is that leaders don't have to be managers. Anyone in the organization can be a tech- nical leader through demonstrating their mas- tery of the technical component of their job, but more important, they can be a leader of the workforce by putting their team, project and the company before themselves. Next month we'll drill down into some of these topics and work toward a saner organiza- tional structure—one that permits a more ef- ficient and cost effective way to manage elec- tronic product assembly and exploits the natu- ral leadership abilities within the company. Hey, what do YOU say? I'd like to hear your thoughts and experiences. SMT References 1. K. Marx; F. Engels, The Manifesto of the Communist Party, Section 2, 1848. 2. K. Marx ,"Part I"—Critique of the Gotha Program, 1875. 3. J.P. Kotter, John Kotter on What Leaders Really Do. Boston: Harvard Business School Re- view Press, 1999. 4. T. Borkes, "The Child is Father of the Man: Turning the Relationship Between the Electron- ic Product Assembly Employer and Recent Grad- uates Upside Down, SMT Magazine, September 2016, Pg. 58-66. 5. T. Borkes, "Concurrent Electronic Prod- uct Design: DF Matters," Proceedings of Circuit Expo 1995, Boston, Massachusetts. 6. D. Goleman, Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ, Bantam Books, 1995. Tom Borkes is the founder of The Jefferson Project and the forthcom- ing Jefferson Institute of Technology. To reach Borkes, click here. DO THE HIGH PAID MANAGERS IN YOUR ORGANIZATION ADD VALUE? Saline Lectronics Invests in the Millennial Generation Manufacturing Manager Jason Sciberras discusses how his company attracts and keeps a large percentage of millennials in their manufacturing workplace. Look for more on this important topic in the forthcoming series by Saline Lectronics.

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