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6 SMT Magazine • October 2016 H I G H L I G H T S Supply Lines MilAero007 Markets Top Ten Recent Highlights from SMT007 D E PA RT M E N T S Events Calendar Advertiser Index & Masthead A RT I C L E S Koh Young Talks AOI Landscape and Trends Interview with Thomas Lau Choosing an EMS Partner by W. Scott Fillebrown Recuiting and Maintaining a High-Quality Manufacturing Workforce by Tony Bellitto CO L U M N S What Makes a Great Leader? by Stephen Las Marias How to Evaluate a Used Machine by Robert Voigt S H O RT S Perovskite/CIGS Tandem Solar Module Achieves Record 17.8% Efficiency Single Photon LEDs for On-Chip Integration Reconfigurable Chaos-based Microchips Offer Possible Solution to Moore's Law New Tech Promises to Boost Electric Vehicle Efficiency, Range Acoustic Resonator Device Paves the Way for Better Communication Applying Photonics to Electronic Warfare Challenges V I D E O Saline Lectronics Invests in the Millennial Generation 82 86 90 8 78 18 44 60 72 76 89 30 More Content: 90 82 S M T M A G A Z I N E • O c t o b e r 2 0 1 6 • Vo l . 3 1 , N o . 1 0 • s m t m a g a z i n e . c o m 32 52 68 96 98 99 86

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