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76 SMT Magazine • October 2016 Las Marias: How do you know you're an effective leader? Evangelista: If you are a game changer, always ahead of others, leading people to the next lev- el, achieving common goals, and collectively contributing to make things happen. Effective leaders are not saddled on the sta- tus quo. There is a consistent effort to innovate, improve and discover new frontiers. They are not afraid to chart territories and engage in new discoveries. These traits are in the DNA of an ef- fective leader. Las Marias: What is the best strategy for leading millennials? Evangelista: The younger generation is made up of enthusiasts who understand how technology works for them, and are hungry to discover new things and passionate about achieving results. You can lead them by cultivating their ideas and converting their skills and talents into work. Millennials are known to be highly mobile, con - fident, articulate, and brave. These characteris- tics blend well in an organization that always seeks innovation and improvement. Las Marias: How do you motivate employees who aren't worried about traditional drivers like money, security or prestige? Evangelista: These people are the best to handle with passion for thinking out of the box, differ- entiating themselves and most of all how best to lead staffers from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. Self-confidence drives people that are result oriented, so give them the freedom to explore new ways and new means to achieve the goal. Las Marias: When it comes to training, what is the role of the leader? Evangelista: I had a chance to visit Denmark. While I was walking down the street, I saw this phrase on a window glass: A CFO asks his CEO: "What happens if we invest in developing our people, and then they leave the company?" The CEO answers: "What happens if we don't, and they stay?" When it comes to training, provide the skill set with a clear understanding of their goals, and don't be afraid to fail as long as they learn from their mistakes. Las Marias: Great, thank you very much again, Knoll. Evangelista: Thank you, Stephen. SMT THE MAKE-UP OF A GREAT LEADER Yale researchers have developed a high-frequency version of a de- vice known as an acoustic resona- tor that could advance the field of quantum computing and informa- tion processing. Hong Tang, Yale's Llewellyn West Jones Jr. Pro- fessor of Electrical Engineering & Physics, and his research team—Xu Han, a Ph.D. student and lead author of the study, and Chang-Ling Zou, a post- doctoral scholar and co-author of the study—ac- complished this with a piezo-optomechanical de- vice, which achieves what is known as "a strong coupling" between two systems: a superconduct- ing microwave cavity and a bulk acoustic resonator system. With a strong coupling, the de- vice achieves an exchange of energy and information between the micro- wave and mechanical resonator systems in a way that exceeds the dissipation of each of the individ- ual systems. That way, information doesn't get lost. The system operates at the very high frequen- cy of 10GHz, allowing for a high signal-process- ing speed and making it easier to observe quan- tum phenomena in experiments. One of the po- tential applications is information storage, accord- ing to Han. Acoustic Resonator Device Paves the Way for Better Communication

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