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78 SMT Magazine • October 2016 Used SMT assembly equipment can be found all over the Internet. In most cases it's "buyer beware," but there are some cases where you can get a good deal and save some mon- ey over a new machine. This chapter will help guide you in your search and give you some tips to avoid getting a raw deal or actually spending more than new by the time you get that bargain acquisition in good working order. Why consider a used machine? A new machine with all the options you want, the factory support you expect, and a warranty that protects you is always the first choice, but there are some good reasons to con- sider a factory reconditioned unit vs. new: • A factory reconditioned machine can save you up to 50%, depending on age and condi- tion of the unit • If you have a short-term project that you want to minimize your cost and/or loss, buy- ing a reconditioned machine could be a good choice • If you have a complex application that you're not sure will even work, and you can't afford the cost of custom equipment, you may be able to create a work-around with a recondi- tioned unit, along with the technical support of the OEM The "re" words—rebuilt, reconditioned, re- cycled, recertified, remanufactured, or refur- bished—are intended to describe the various conditions you can expect to find in the used market; however, you really need to look deep- er. Many times the wording is used interchange- ably to mean the same thing. The kind of de- scription you want to avoid is simply "used" or by Robert Voigt DDM NOVASTAR INC. How to Evaluate a Used Machine SMT QUICK-TIPS

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