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52 The PCB Magazine • October 2016 The question can be asked, are you a man- ager or a leader? Can you be both? Is there even a difference? The answer to this latter question is, yes. In a successful organization there are many people performing different tasks all in harmony to make the business successful. Some individuals can be phenomenal leaders while others can be excellent managers. Some can ac- tually be both. How do we define a leader from a manager? In a text written by Warren Bennis, On Be- coming a Leader[1] some key differences are outlined, drawing some boundaries around leaders versus managers. One of his key obser- vations that rings true is that leaders innovate while managers administer. By his definition, the leader comes up with new ideas and moves the group into a forward thinking mindset. The leader constantly keeps their focus on the ho- rizon and develops new tactics and strategies. The leader needs to be abreast of current trends, technologies and tactics. In his book, Bennis quotes Gene Wade, the CEO and founder of UniversityNow: "You got people who are just going to work instead of thinking about why they're doing what they are doing, and then you have the leaders." Bennis goes on to say that, conversely, you have the manager who maintains what has al- ready been established. This person keeps an eye on the bottom line and maintains control. The manager maintains order within the com- pany. Wade goes on to say, "The leader inspires by Todd Kolmodin GARDIEN SERVICES USA Are You a Leader or a Manager? FEATURE COLUMN: TESTING TODD

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