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10 The PCB Magazine • October 2016 ces that helped him transition from manager to leader. He alludes to more lessons learned, so perhaps we can tease some of those out of him over the next few months. Happy Holden has contributed a column from his Essential Skills series, a 10-step busi- ness plan process for use by engineers or others wishing to present a new idea or product to management. Happy used the process himself during his tenure at HP. And now to some good technical info to round out this issue. Mike Carano of RBP Te- chnology discusses troubleshooting roughness or nodules found after copper electroplating. I hope you are all collecting Mike's articles into a nice guide for your plating department. Engineers, and I suppose others, feel a great need to solve problems, often on their own—it's a sort of challenge to them. But in his column, Keith Sellers with NTS-Baltimore exhorts us to make use of the extensive knowledge already out there. In particular, he cites IPC conferences and meetings, as well as IPC's Validation Servi- ces and the Defense Logistics Agency as sources of knowledgeable people. We're making it a tradition to wrap up each issue with marketing guru Barry Lee Cohen of Launch Communications. This month, BLC discusses trade shows as a part of your marke- ting plan. Very appropriate, as the season is al- most upon us. Next month it's back to technical when we focus on all things vias. You think you know all about them? Think again! Don't miss out— subscribe now and you will have it in your virtual mailbox the day it publishes. PCB We have quite the line-up for you, plus a few technical columns at the end to keep ev- eryone happy. First, about that survey… I-Con- nect007's Research Team presents and analyzes the results. It's amazing the things you learn from open-ended questions. We throw in quite a few quotes from you, our readers, as you really do say it best. Our first article is by Yash Sutariya of Sat- urn Electronics/Saturn Flex and he is writing on lessons in leadership he learned from his father Nagji, who recently passed away. It is both in- structive and poignant—I just wish that in my earlier sales travels I had had the opportunity to get to Saturn and meet Nagji. Next, Dave Dibble of Dibble Leaders discuss- es the results of the 10-question Biz Brain IQ survey that has been in our magazines for the past few months. The results, and Dave's analy- sis, include the "correct" responses and how the scoring process. Missed it? Then check out the test page and take it before reading his article. It's not always easy for busy people to find time to author a column or article for us, even when you just know they are the right per- son for it. But IPC President John Mitchell was pleased to provide us with six totally practical lessons in leadership from his experiences in the electronics industry. Something to take to the bank, so to speak. And they are definitely for everyone. John is also going to be our new- est columnist, so we can all look forward to more wisdom from him. Next, I am very pleased to have our Brazilian columnist Renato Peres of Circuibras center his column around the 2016 Summer Olympics and lessons he learned about leadership from a few of the outstanding athletes. Como apropriado! Regular columnist Todd Kolmodin of Gar- dien Services USA departed from his usual tes- ting topics to write on the basic differences be- tween leaders and managers. His perspective is interesting and thought-provoking. Sam Sangani of PNC Inc. talks about the people element—your most valuable resour- ce—of leadership. He explores three valuable aspects of good leadership centered on one's employees. Next, Steve Williams of The Right Approa- ch Consulting shares three personal experien- TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER Patricia Goldman is a 30+ year veteran of the PCB industry, with experience in a variety of areas, including R&D of imaging technolo- gies, wet process engineering, and sales and marketing of PWB chem- istry. Active with IPC since 1981, Goldman has chaired numerous committees and served as TAEC chairman, and is also the co- author of numerous technical papers. To contact Goldman, click here.

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