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November 2016 • SMT Magazine 91 IPC CHINA Guo: IPC specifications are evolving, with doz- ens of appropriate specifications being pub- lished each year. In technical, industrial and so- cial development aspects, IPC is working very hard to develop new specifications, including revision updates. We have many of these speci- fications, such as the 1401 CSR (Corporate So- cial Responsibility) specification, and the 2581 series specifications (data transmission between automatic manufacturing and cooperation up- stream and downstream). In addition, we are developing a press mounting specification in accordance with automotive requirements. Yu: What's new at this year's hand-soldering com- petition? Guo: The hand-soldering competition is one of our hit programs at the show, and it enables visitors to check out the outstanding soldering craftsmanship going on in the industry. This year, we are bringing the Hand Soldering Com - petition World Championship from the United States. It is the first time for this world cham- pionship to be staged in China, with champi- ons from China, Germany, the United States, South Korea and Japan under one roof. We be- lieve the three-day competition will see the highest levels of hand soldering craftsmanship anywhere. Yu: Some PCB manufacturers are starting to devel- op their own PCB design capacity, while some are expanding their capabilities to SMT. What's your opinion on this? Guo: It is normal for a company to expand or narrow their business scales as their advantages and resources change. We are happy to see that PCB makers are putting an effort into design- ing. Having the ability to design promotes a dy- namic industry. IPC has abundant technology and intelligent resources to help companies en- ter an unfamiliar field and expand quickly. Yu: Thank you for speaking with me today. Guo: Thank you. SMT

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