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November 2016 • The PCB Design Magazine 63 5 EMA Puts SiliconExpert Part Insight Into OrCAD Design Environment, Reducing Supply Chain Risk "Our customers can now se- lect parts based on compo- nent lifecycle status, environ- mental compliance, inventory and more all without leaving the OrCAD design environ- ment," said Manny Marcano, president and CEO of EMA. "This capability alone has the potential to save weeks of manual part re- search, while ensuring that parts with the required specifications are used in the designs." 6 ICD Adds Termination Planner to Stackup Software In-Circuit Design Pty Ltd (ICD), Australia, developer of the iCD Stackup and PDN Planner software, has released a new Ter- mination Planner feature for its Stackup software. This new feature will be delivered to current ICD support customers as part of an interim upgrade. 7 Beyond Design: How to Handle the Dreaded Danglers, Part 2 In Part 1 of this series, I deliberated on how dangling via stubs distort signals passing through an inter- connect and also decrease the us- able bandwidth of the signal. This is due to the via stub acting as a transmission line antenna. The conventional solu- tion is to back-drill the vias to bore out the via stub barrels, so that the via stubs are reduced in length if not completely removed. This month I will look into all the possible solutions to alleviate this issue. 8 Altium ActiveRoute Debuts at PCB West: Routes Under One Second Per Connection While at PCB West in Santa Clara in mid-September, Judy Warner sat down with Charles Pfeil of Altium to learn more about their exciting new tool, ActiveRoute, that was intro- duced and demonstrated in their booth during PCB West 2016. She also learned a bit about Pfeil, who is a living history les- son in PCB design. 9 Sunstone Circuits Launches New Version of PCB123 and Sunstone Circuits has launched a two-part solution for the PCB de- sign engineer: the new version of PCB123, V5.4, and the new The site has been completely rebuilt to coincide with the new software launch. Now, PCB123 users can use a separate and focused website for PCB123 tool downloads, manuals, tutorials, up- dates, news, and access to forums. J Mentor Graphics Launches Xpedition Multi-Board Systems Design Solution Mentor Graphics has an- nounced its new Xpedition multi-board systems design solution which enables seam- less concurrent multi-disci- pline team collaboration to efficiently manage increasing system complexity. The Xpedition flow maximizes team efficiency by eliminating redundant effort during the design process. for the latest circuit design news and information—anywhere, anytime.

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