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36 The PCB Design Magazine • December 2016 by Andy Shaughnessy After decades in the PCB industry, Al Was- serzug of Cirexx International has seen mar- keting and sales trends come and go. I recent- ly caught up with Al and interviewed him via email about the latest sales and marketing tech- niques, the value of traditional methods such as trade shows and conferences, and the particular characteristics of marketing flex circuits. Andy Shaughnessy: For anyone who may not be familiar with Cirexx, give us a quick background on the company and your own background. Al Wasserzug: Cirexx was established in 1984 in Silicon Valley as a PCB manufacturer and has grown over the years to become a full ser- vice PWB supplier. The company offers design through assembly of printed circuit board and flex circuit products for a variety of markets and holds several professional certifications and reg- istrations. I have been in the PWB industry for more than 38 years and have served in nearly every facet of a manufacturing organization. With Cirexx, I manage business development in the Midwest and Southeast U.S. where I have an op- portunity to utilize most of the skill set I have developed over my career. While I continue to specialize in flex circuits, I have also enjoyed learning and participating in the growing RF/ microwave PCB niche. Shaughnessy: How would you describe the Cirexx marketing philosophy? Wasserzug: The Cirexx marketing approach can be wrapped up in one word: focus. We focus on a particular market segment, technology, region and/or customer account and then saturate that entity with all things Cirexx. We use all avail- able tools: The Internet, trade shows, "lunch-n- learn" events, sales reps, cold calling, technical interface/assistance and a lot of face time with key individuals. Shaughnessy: Do you think trade shows, confer- ences and advertising are still important marketing avenues? I hear this argument, pro and con, quite a bit. Wasserzug: These are all tools that continue to have great value within the context of a larger FLEX AND RIGID SALES AND MARKETING WITH Al Wasserzug FEATURE INTERVIEW Al Wasserzug

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