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50 The PCB Design Magazine • December 2016 The business model, a short business model with the good and the bad and the ugly of just trying something is the way to go. Schroeder gives numerous examples of en- trepreneurs who gave it a go before most people would have thought their new product or ser- vice was truly ready for prime time. So many times, people have a great idea but they wait too long to execute that idea, and instead they spend their time writing long business plans to please those bankers who are never going to give them the funds to start the business anyway. Schroeder tells us to just get going. He says that all we need is a great story, a story that will explain exactly what we are try- ing to sell and how it will work. He says that instead of a full-blown business plan, all we need is what he calls "the Lean Mod- el Framework," consisting of the following slides: • Company Purpose • Problem and Solution • Why now? • Market Size • Competition • Product • Business Model • Revenue Model • Team and Financials And that is all you need to launch your new business. He wants us to develop a model as soon as possible with the understanding that it will not be perfect but that it will be good enough to exemplify what the product or service should look like, enough to get someone interest in the product and thus the company. From the book: Lessons learned: • Believe in your product, not foolishly, but with common sense • Find ways to get things done • Follow the trend • Look at alternate sources of distribution if traditional sources don't work • Seek out other people or companies who have the same beliefs and look for either leverage or distribution opportunities Schroeder ends Chapter five with this quote: You really don't know if you have a company until you have created a product or service proto- type and have sold it in the marketplace. That is, you can't improve a product unless you get customer feedback. And you need to move faster than poten- tial competitors. So create a prototype sooner rather than later. If you are passionate about your career, then you will eat and breathe and drink sales. This also means that you will read every good busi- ness book you can get your hands on. You might start with these five that I just recommended. Good reading, and good learning, means good selling. PCBDESIGN LED technology is no longer exclusive to the light- ing industry. Changes due to innovative LED technol- ogy have probably been the most impressive in the automotive sector. For this reason, recent the use of LEDs has evolved from being a basic, functional fea- ture to a distinctive feature with high-value potential. LED technology has given manufacturers the op- portunity to stand out through lighting design and additional functionalities. The innovative platform PISEO offers a unique global approach, including technology scouting, strategic market analysis, in - novative product planning, design and qualification. PISEO's strategy evaluates market needs to develop comprehensive disruptive solutions that use LED technology. "Today, LED technology is no longer just an alternative solution," comments Joel Thome, Director at PISEO. "At PISEO, we are completely re-thinking the system to develop an end solution that uses all the benefits of LED technology." PISEO will reveal its activities and detail the added value of its services at its press conference at FORUM LED 2016. LED Solution: An Opportunity to Stand out Through Design & Additional Functionalities FIVE NEW BOOKS THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE ON SALES AND MARKETING

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