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58 The PCB Design Magazine • December 2016 and to others it's simply a hurdle to overcome. And for others, it is something to ignore altogether. NASA Small Satellites Set to Take a Fresh Look at Earth Beginning this month, NASA is launching a suite of six next-generation, Earth-observing small satel- lite missions to demonstrate innovative new ap- proaches for studying our changing planet. U.S. Circuit Goes Green with Solar and LED Installation U.S. Circuit has just completed a $1 million in- stallation of a 251 kWh solar system covering their entire parking lot. This system makes U.S. Circuit one of a kind within the U.S. PCB fabrica - tion industry. NASA Aircraft Arrival Technology Gets Big Test in 2017 Commercial airline pilots who as children played "Follow the Leader" will have no problem with a new air traffic control innovation NASA and its partners are working on that also will make pas- sengers happier. IPC's President on IPC EDGE: Cutting Edge and Education Chatting with IPC President John Mitchell is always a good time—he never fails to be upbeat and full of ideas, and his eagerness to fill us in on what's happening with IPC was evident during our recent interview at the IPC Fall Committee Meetings, co- located with SMTAI in late September. Millennials in Manufacturing: A Long-term Career Prospect The next millennial in this series is Alex Johnson, an associate engineer at Saline Lectronics, who has been with the company for over two years. Even though Alex received a lot of negative information about manufacturing throughout his lifetime, his work experience in engineering has directly chal- lenged those preconceived notions. All About Flex: Flex Circuit Specifications for Commercial and Military Applications Applications across the various markets for printed circuit boards can have significantly different speci- fications and performance requirements. Circuits for toys and games logically have lower perfor- mance requirements than those used in medical devices. IPC-6013 is an industry-driven specifica- tion that defines the performance requirements and acceptance features for flexible printed circuit boards. The Sum of All Parts: Three Keys to Successful Leadership It is often easy to lose sight of, particularly in the manufacturing sector, your most valuable resource: people. You can't take purchase orders, operate equipment and develop new strategies all on your own. With so much focus being driven toward quality, margins and customer satisfaction, upper management develops a tendency to forget what keeps all those things in the positive. The Sun to Power the Starliner Boeing will use solar energy to power the com- pany's CST-100 Starliner for crew missions to and from the International Space Station as part of NA- SA's Commercial Crew Program. The sun's energy offers a reliable and efficient power source for the Starliner just as it does for the space station and satellites. Kitron Receives Contract from Northrop Grumman Kitron has been selected by Northrop Grumman Corp. as an international source for manufacturing of a sub-assembly for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. It's Only Common Sense: ITAR—The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and the Very Ugly Has there ever been a more nebulous qualification than ITAR? It's one of those topics that everyone has an opinion about, but no one really understands. To some of us it's a game with ever-changing rules, MilAero007 Highlights

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