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98 SMT Magazine • January 2017 and gluing; all these processes generate harm- ful substances that might have extreme health impacts. The Impacts of Airborne Contaminants Briefly, all airborne pollutants have negative effects on employee health but also on produc- tion plants and products. In principle, airborne pollutants are classi- fied due to particle sizes. This classification pri- marily focuses on the influence of emissions on the human body. In addition to the possibilities of brain damages, neurotoxic effects or airway injuries, they are differentiated in terms of be- ing inhaling (E fraction) or alveolar (A fraction). The capture of contaminants is regulated by law in various countries. These regulations de- termine categories of danger for specific hazard- ous substances, e.g., in terms of fire and explo- sion risks, or in types of health damaging ef- fects (cancerogenic, mutagenic or toxic for re- production). Airborne contaminants may additionally have negative impact on production systems and products. Depending on technology (laser, soldering, welding, etc.), they consist of various inorganic and organic substances, which might have partly dramatic effects based on chemical reactions. Soldering fume, for instance, mainly con- sists of fluxes, soldering material and deter- gent residues, which often join up to adhesive aerosols. They also compromise machinery and products—and finally product quality—as they create firmly attached dirt layers. Contamination of electronic assemblies with tacky dusts may lead to conductor track corrosion, which can lead to partly or complete functional failure. Product quality suffers from the impact of hazardous emissions in the long term. Extraction and Filtration Technology and its Support The early removal of airborne pollutants prevents their impact. Extraction and filtration systems provide an effective solution. The vari- ety of systems on the market is high. THE INFLUENCE OF CLEAN AIR ON THE VALUE-ADDED CHAIN IN ELECTRONICS PRODUCTION Figure 1: The threefold damaging effect of laser fume on humans, machines and products. Figure 2: Mobile extraction and filtration system for larger amounts of soldering fume, the LRA 1200 from ULT.

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