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26 The PCB Magazine • January 2017 Aismalibar on Markets, Materials, and the Increase in Copper Prices As a European laminate provider specializing in insulated metal substrates and thermal manage- ment, Aismalibar is often put in the demanding position of catering to some of Europe's toughest customers, including the automotive industry. Pete Starkey and Barry Matties caught up with Director General Eduardo Benmayor at electronica recently. IBR Optimizes Incoming Customer Data Handling using Ucamco's Integr8tor IBR Leiterplantten has optimized their data han - dling by implementing Ucamco's Integr8tor. IBR Leiterplatten is not just a typical online shop. They are a medium-sized family company staffed by a very friendly and capable team of experts ready to tackle any printed circuit board project, now more than ever. A Scientific Response to Mr. Laminate Tells All We read with interest Doug Sober's recent Mr. Laminate Tells All column, "The Certification of IPC- 4101D Polyimide Base Materials: Buyer Beware." The article raises interesting questions about the IPC 4101 classification system, primarily, how is a pure resin defined? New Tools Mean More Designer Control for High-Speed PCBs In the last hour of the electronica exhibition in Mu - nich, Pete Starkey got the opportunity to sit down with Martyn Gaudion, managing director of Polar Instruments. They discussed the changing state of PCB design, and how the newest software tools allow PCB designers and engineers to have more control when designing high-speed PCBs. CIPSA Circuits Invests in Orbotech Nuvogo 780 and Additional Fusion 22 Orbotech Ltd. has announced that CIPSA Circuits, a European PCB manufacturer and long-time cus - tomer and technology partner of Orbotech, has invested in a Nuvogo 780 Direct Imaging (DI) so- lution, plus an additional Fusion 22 AOI System to further increase overall productivity. Doosan Electro-Materials BG Signs Distribution Agreement with Arlon EMD Doosan Electro-Materials BG and Arlon EMD have reached an agreement whereby Arlon EMD has dis- tribution and sales rights in North America for Doo- san's DS600 flexible copper clad laminates, as well as Doosan's high-Tg FR-4 and halogen-free laminate and prepreg product lines. Rogers on the Booming Wireless Infrastructure Market With the advent of 5G and next generation anten - nas, the already booming wireless infrastructure market is slated for continued growth through 2021, and as the primary material supplier for this sector, Rogers Corp. must continue to meet the technological demands of the Verizons and AT&Ts of world. Let's Talk Testing: Are You Getting What You've Asked for? A lot of things are taken for granted nowadays. Even in our everyday lives, we order things, but are we always getting exactly what we've ordered? What we've paid for? Maybe…hopefully…but maybe not. In the testing world, we call this double-check - ing "supplier surveillance." Ladle on Manufacturing: Making Suppliers W ork for You Every company has its own way of doing things. For some, the engineering team develops a detailed specification for the equipment they would like to purchase and this is put out to multiple suppliers for tender, along with full documentation for the commercial terms that will apply to the purchase. Rogers Launches Laminates for Automotive Radar Sensor Applications Rogers Corporation announced the latest addition to its RO4000® Series thermoset circuit materi- als: RO4830 high-frequency laminates. RO4830 laminates offer 76-to-81-GHz auto radar sensor designers a lower-cost-but-performance-compet- itive option. Supply Lines Highlights

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