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12 The PCB Design Magazine • January 2017 by Andy Shaughnessy I-CONNECT007 When we started working on this issue, I searched through our files and found that we've published some great DFM articles over the past year or so. While topics like signal integrity tend to get most of the limelight, in the end it all comes down to solid DFM practices. So, without further ado, we present this compilation of our Top 10 DFM articles and columns, culled from the pages of The PCB Design Magazine and The PCB Magazine. Enjoy. ________________ a ________________ The Top 10 Ways Designers Can Increase Profits So, can you truly increase profitability through PCB design practices? Yes, you can. And it starts with a philosophy that embraces DFM techniques. Then you must be ready for the initial release to a fabricator by ensuring that you are communicating all of your speci- fications and needs clearly to the fabrication house so that you get an accurate quote. By Mark Thompson. ________________ b ________________ Beyond Design: The Need for Speed— Strategies for Design Efficiency Years of experience with one EDA tool obvi- ously develops efficiency, whether the tool be high-end feature-packed or basic entry-level. However, there comes a time, with the fast de- velopment pace of technology, that one should really consider a change for the better to incor- porate the latest methodologies. This month, I will look at productivity issues that impede the PCB design process. By Barry Olney. ________________ c ________________ Brooks' Bits: How Many Vias Does It Take To…? Sounds like the opening words of a bad joke. Well, here's the answer, and it's no joke: One! That's right. No matter how much current you are putting down the trace, all you need is a single via. And a small one, at that. OK, that last statement might not be true in every single case. But it is true in a LOT more cases than you think. I will explain why in this column. By Douglas G. Brooks. FEATURE A Handy Compilation of Our Top 10 DFM Articles FEATURE

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