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62 The PCB Design Magazine • January 2017 1 EMA Releases Updated Power IC Model Library for PSpice EMA Design Automation and AEi Systems, a world leader in power electron- ics modeling, analysis and design, has released ver- sion 4.2 of AEi Systems' Power IC Model Library for the Cadence PSpice simulator. "We've spent over 1,000 man-hours testing, simulating, and optimizing the new models in this release," said Charles Hymowitz, managing director at AEi Sys- tems. 2 Mentor Graphics White Paper: Reduce PCB Failure Rates Industry statistics indicate field fail- ure rates of up to 15–20% in the first year for new- ly launched elec- tronic products, resulting in warranty claims and high levels of field returns. In harsh environments, fatigue can be responsible for up to 20% of these product failures. This new Mentor Graphics white paper offers ways to reduce product failures. 3 Beyond Design: Uncommon Sense When common sense fails, tap into your uncommon sense. Basically, common sense teaches us that the way it has always been done is the right way, and that's just how things are. Following com- mon sense is usually the safe way to go. But the people who are really making a difference in the world are usually the people who try something new. Tapping into our uncommon sense allows us to take a look at things we often take for granted. 4 SiSoft Discusses Signal Integrity Drivers and Challenges In the last few years, SiSoft has launched a variety of innovative SI tools that help automate tasks that used to take weeks or months to complete. I recently in- terviewed CEO Barry Katz via email, and he detailed their customers' challenges, and some of the mar- ket drivers in the world of signal integrity. TOP TEN Recent Highlights from PCBDesign007

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