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34 SMT Magazine • February 2017 al maintenance products. This enables our cus- tomers to find solutions in one place rather than having to source several suppliers for their mate- rial needs. We also offer a wide range of packag- ing to better suit customer needs. Our customers also benefit from unlimited access to our tech- nical support experts, who are available to help and advise customers on solutions for their ap- plications, processes and suitable products. We are a collaborative organization who work with industry and customers to develop solutions, and our relentless attention to quality, R&D and innovation is a driving force with our customers to transform their products into secure, reliable devices that deliver a high-performance experi - ence in turn for their customers. Las Marias: What is your outlook for your indus- try this year? Kinner: We are very positive about the year ahead, with pioneering new products to launch and increasing our market share in automotive electronics, particularly in line with smart tech- nology and 'green' thinking. We consistently innovate and work in a cycle of research, devel- opment and new product introductions in line with changing market requirements. We are al- ways working with the latest technology, antic- ipating future needs of the market and will be introducing advanced new resin, thermal man- agement and conformal coating technologies this year. We will continue to break new ground in the automotive and LED markets, where growth has been extraordinary for Electrolube. Las Marias: Thank you, Phil. Kinner: Thank you. SMT The next millennial to be fea- tured in the Millennials in Man- ufacturing column is IT Manag- er Tom Scales. Tom has been with Saline Lectronics for about two and a half years, and he de- scribes the daily challenges as the most rewarding part of the job: "As a contract manufacturer, there are always unique prob- lems given the diverse range of products that we make. This af- fects me directly in IT, support- ing changes to an ever-growing set of complex systems integra- tions and data analysis require- ments." Getting to grips with a manufacturing mindset when it comes to IT support has been a big chal- lenge, especially in relation to cost mitigation. "Providing the best service my department can, but at a low a cost as possible. That has been a balancing act because the solution that fits us best as a company isn't always the cheapest option. Working on making a business case and proving ROI based on figures as well as technical reasons is very different when you are trying to sell the idea to people who are not experts in your field and do not see the immediate benefit." One of the other major chal- lenges Tom experienced has been moving from a commu- nications field to a manufactur- ing support field. Becoming fa- miliarized with the proprietary hardware and software that the company runs, as well as the overall manufacturing process was challenging. Tom also talked about loyalty, work ethics, mo- tivation, and leadership, as well as what he thinks the manufacturing industry should be doing when it comes to attracting more millennials to join this field. To read the full article, click here. Millennials in Manufacturing: Tom Scales—Manufacturing from an IT Perspective ELECTROLUBE HIGHLIGHTS LATEST TECHNOLOGIES

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