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42 SMT Magazine • February 2017 by Stephen Las Marias I-CONNECT007 Thomas Wenzel, managing director of the Embedded JTAG Solutions Business Develop- ment at GOEPEL electronic, talks about the latest technology innovations happening in the test and inspection segment, and the market trends shaping them. Stephen Las Marias: What are the greatest chal- lenges that your customers face when it comes to test and inspection? Thomas Wenzel: Each new generation of prod- ucts increases the prob- lem of physical test ac- cess. This has led in re- cent years to a strong demand for embedded validation, test, debug and programming solu- tions, but also for new methods of inspection. Contract manufacturers often have to cope with high requirements from their customers, and linked data management over several sys- tems for more efficient production, which is an aspect driven by the Industry 4.0 trend. Las Marias: How is GOEPEL addressing such issues? Wenzel: In the field of automated inspection— AOI, AXI, SPI—3D is the keyword in the recent times. While three-dimensional inspection of the solder paste volume is a standard, the mar- ket shows an increasing demand for 3D AOI sys- tems. Nevertheless, a combination of 2D and 3D together with angled-view seems to be the most versatile solution. For electrical test, there is a continuous trend towards integrating more and more test and programming functions directly into the target and to use these embedded technologies during the entire product lifecycle. With our new 3D·EyeZ rotatable inspection head and the innovative MultiEyeZ, we have addressed the market demands for multi-di- mension inspection. FEATURE INTERVIEW Thomas Wenzel

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