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80 The PCB Magazine • February 2017 The bureaucratic tide of red tape that threatens to drown U.S. consumers and businesses hit un- precedented record levels during the past eight years per a Heritage Foundation study [2] released in 2016. More than $22 billion per year in new regulatory costs were imposed on Americans in 2015, pushing the total burden for the Obama years to exceed $100 billion annually. Over the past two administrations, 16 years, over 1.1 mil- lion pages of new regulations have been put into law, with over 82,000 pages added during 2015 alone (2016 numbers are not published yet). The Top Ten Ways the Trump Administra- tion can roll back bureaucracy: 10. Boost regulatory review resources 9. Professionalize review, revision, repeal and sunsetting of regulations 8. Expand the number of rules requiring cost analysis 7. Scrutinize all agency decrees that affect the public 6. Enhance rule disclosure in the Unified Agenda of Federal Regulations 5. Track the accumulation of federal regulations as businesses sectors grow 4. Analyze and recognize deadweight and waste in Government 3. Freeze regulations 2. Develop and regularly publish a Regulatory Transparency Report Card 1. Establish the "Office of No" A recent survey by The Wall Street Journal [3] states that business leaders say all Americans stand to benefit from a lighter regulatory touch that would boost profits, growth and hiring, particularly for small and midsize businesses. Conclusion In the wake of the November 8 election of Donald J. Trump as the next president of the United States, the country is battered and bruised, but from an economic standpoint, there's real reason for optimism. President-elect Trump has promised a lot, starting on Day 1. But now the rhetoric ends and the hard work begins. For the sake of our industry, I hope Trump is wildly successful as president. Full Disclosure I have studied Donald Trump for over a doz- en years while teaching in the MBA program through case studies I created from his show The Apprentice. My business students analyzed, scrutinized and dissected the strategy and tacti- cal execution of the tasks, and Trump's decision making skills. From a personal standpoint, I be- lieve he will do what he said he will do: make America great again. PCB References 1. The Heritage Foundation 2. Red Tape Rising 2016: Obama Regs Top100 Billion Annually, The Heritage Foundation. 3. Donald Trump Cabinet Picks Signal De- regulation Moves Are Coming, The Wall Street Journal. Steve Williams is the president of The Right Approach Consulting LLC. To read past columns, or to contact Williams, click here. In January, we conducted an industry-wide sur- vey of our readers about their plans for hiring dur- ing the coming year. Included here is a summary of the results, which brought some surprising, along with not so surprising results. One result that we saw as a good sign for the industr y was prompted by the very first question, which was, "Do you plan to hire additional people this year?" More than half of the respondents answered yes while about one-third said no. We take this as an optimistic sign that our industry plans to expand in 2017. For more information click here. Help Wanted! Our 2017 Industry Hiring Survey WHY TRUMP WILL BE GOOD FOR OUR INDUSTRY

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