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8 The PCB Design Magazine • February 2017 Luddite: One of a group of early 19th cen- tury English workmen destroying labor-saving machinery as a protest; broadly: One who is especially opposed to change. —Merriam Webster's online dictionary I recently discovered that I'd become a Lud- dite. Sure, it was only in one very specific case, but as the IT guy for our home, I like to think I'm on top of technology. Lately, my girlfriend Rita and I have been listening to her podcasts in the car, primarily "My Favorite Murder," "Serial," and "These Are Their Stories," which is devoted to tongue-in- cheek discussions of the entire "Law and Order" franchise. It turns out podcasts are all she listens to, with the occasional exception of public ra- dio. She has hundreds of podcasts saved on her phone. She even listens to podcasts that feature the stars of podcasts talking about podcasts. So, I tried to set up podcasts on my phone. No dice. I followed the directions…I think. Fi- nally, Rita took my phone, mashed a few but- tons, and handed it back to me. "Here, you're ready to go. Any questions?" At least she didn't tousle my hair and call me "kiddo." Of course, as the editor of a technical maga- zine, I try not to get too far behind the technol- ogy curve. But if we're not paying attention to by Andy Shaughnessy I-CONNECT007 Are You a Luddite? THE SHAUGHNESSY REPORT

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