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58 The PCB Magazine • April 2017 GO WITH THE FLOW (Mil-PRF-31032, 55110 or 50884 as examples.) These all need to be specified up front for the proper quotation to be generated. 3. Now that a suitable manufacturer has been selected the OEM issues a procurement document (PO) and the final design package. This now goes through the tooling process at the manufacturer. It is critical here that all spe- cific information outlined in steps 1 and 2 are flowed down in the manufacturing order that will run the course of the manufacturing floor. It is important to remember it is difficult as the flow-down increases in steps that it will be more difficult and time-consuming to retrace steps to find important information that is missing in your current area. This can lead to delays and mistakes. So the information from the PO de- sign specification and industry/military specifi- cations need to be flowed-down. 4. Now that the flow-down has worked as it should, the product reaches electrical test and is ready for screening. If proper flow-down has been achieved the technicians will have the im- portant information available for processing: A. Part number B. PO number C. Order number D. Date code E. Performance class requirement F. Voltage, continuity and isolation requirement G. Indirect vs direct testing directive H. Serialization requirement I. Military requirement (if applicable) J. Dielectric breakdown requirement 5. When ET is complete and the product goes to final inspection prior to shipping the flow-down information can be reconciled to the original PO and design specifications. The requirements have been flowed-down through the entire process so no required information is lacking. The product ships on time and little Johnny from step 1 (remember him?) receives his birthday gift on time and in perfect condi- tion and working order. PCB Todd Kolmodin is the vice presi- dent of quality for Gardien Services USA, and an expert in electrical test and reliability issues. To read past columns, or to contact Kolmodin, click here. Figure 1: Flow Down.

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