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42 The PCB Design Magazine • April 2017 the board shop tells them, "You don't really need to do it for this," because designers over-constrain their designs. Robinson: We see that as well. A lot of them go to HDI and some of them we are able to back off and still achieve their design needs. Others that don't go to it and need to go to it are try- ing to continue to reduce the pad sizes, but they just can't get there. But working with designers, they're evolving, and they're learning. It's new for them as well and they're under a lot of pres- sure to meet timelines. We provide a value that allows designers to be successful and through that, we develop a re- lationship and a trust. Our sales and marketing campaign is all about passion, commitment and trust. It's unique. We're a technology producer and in fact, may be the fastest technology pro- ducer in the world, but we don't market that. We market our passion, our commitment, and our trust, because it's the trust of a customer that we think has sustained our growth. If you can develop trust, you can develop loyalty. So we become very loyal to our custom- er and, in turn, the customer becomes very loy- al to us. That is, I think, the core of a successful business and I know it's the core of our business, our success and our growth. It's the trust we've earned over time with our customer base and that comes with an investment that we have to continue. We have to invest in people, we have to invest in technology, we have to invest in equipment, and we have to invest in capacity. We have to continue on that path, because our demand continues to grow and grow. But we're still a size that allows us to be flex- ible and nimble, and tighten the belt whenever necessary in this business, because our forecast- ing is limited. In fact, there is none. Our indus- try has always been that way. That's why we spend such a significant amount per year on marketing, especially in the social media space. It's where your recognition is. We just want to continue to look for new opportunities. We don't need more business just to fill factories. My factories are full. We're not looking for POs and transac- tions. We're looking for new partnerships; we're looking for long-term commitments in which we can build and sustain those partnerships. We're looking for new relationships that make sense for them and make sense for us…a good fit if you will. That's a fun way to do business. We're fortunate to be in that position and we've earned that position through our effort and our success over the last few years. Shaughnessy: That's a good spot to be in. Is there anything else you want to add? Robinson: I think it's "Say what you do, do what you say." Be honest; treat your customers with respect, the small ones and the big ones. I have multi-million dollar customers and I have thou- sand-dollar customers. We treat all of them in the same way in my company, because our goal is to have all customers feel important and trust that they will be treated accordingly. But busi- ness is good, Andy, and I think we'll continue to grow as long as we stay focused on our task. Shaughnessy: Thanks for talking with us today, Steve. Robinson: Thank you, Andy. PCBDESIGN STEVE ROBINSON DISCUSSES APCT'S TENFOLD EXPANSION The optimal material properties required for magnetic memories to have ultra-low power con- sumption are identified using simulations per- formed by researchers at A*STAR. Most RAM devices store data electrically in an integrated circuit. However, storing information magnetically could enable even faster operation. Switching the magnetization, and thus changing the memory from one binary state to another, can be achieved by just applying a magnetic field, but this requires a lot of power. BingJin Chen and Guchang Han from the A*STAR Data Storage Institute use micromagnetic simulations to investigate electric-field assisted magnetization switching in magnetic random ac - cess memories. Damping Gives a Faster Switch

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