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76 The PCB Design Magazine • April 2017 1 I-Connect007 Launches The Printed Circuit Designer's Guide to…Secrets of High-Speed PCBs – Part 1 I-Connect007 has released the next book in the micro eBook Design series, The Printed Cir- cuit Designer's Guide to… Secrets of High-Speed PCBs – Part 1, by Martyn Gaudion of Polar Instru- ments. Written to assist EEs, PCB designers, procurement professionals, and PCB fabrication professionals and managers at all levels, this book offers the greatest benefit to design and procurement peo- ple by helping them understand what can realisti- cally be achieved in the final product. 2 Rigid-flex Design Tips and Best Practices While the traditional "design-separately-then-as- semble" approach minimized potential issues with the flex portions of the product, it also had several inherent disadvantages. These include the cost as- sociated with the physical connectors; the space required for the physical connectors; the need to properly manage interconnects that have to tran- sition between the separate rigid and flex PCBs; and, of course, the time and cost associated with assembly. 3 EMA PCB Clustering for OrCAD Accelerates Design Reuse and Component Placement PCB Clustering for OrCAD resides directly in the OrCAD PCB Editor canvas. Related components are typically grouped together in the schematic. PCB Clustering can leverage this information to auto-generate tiled placement clusters. These clusters can be based on hierarchy, pages, refer- ence designator prefixes/suffixes and/or ROOM properties defined in the schematic. This allows designers to get a quick logical grouping in the physical realm, enabling faster placement. 4 Perpetual or Subscription EDA Tool Licenses? That is the Question I've been wondering about the pros and cons of perpetual vs. sub- scription EDA software licenses. I wanted to learn firsthand from PCB designers what kind of ben- efits they received and challenges they faced as a result of how EDA companies offered design tools. I reached out to a variety of sources to get a broad slice of insight into this evolving issue, and thus began my trip down the EDA software rabbit hole. TOP TEN Recent Highlights from PCBDesign007

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