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68 SMT Magazine • May 2017 Shelly Phelps is the human resource man- ager at Saline Lectronics, where she manag- es recruitment strategies, disciplinary actions, and employee relations. Her role at the compa- ny also includes providing redirection for pos- sible resolutions during communication break- downs, interpersonal employee conflicts, and coaching opportunities with the management team. In this interview, she discusses the great- est challenges when dealing with millennials, and how she thinks management and training should evolve for a more effective onboarding of this new generation of manufacturing work- force. Davina McDonnell: What are some of your great- est challenges when managing and leading millen- nials? Shelly Phelps: A few challenges I have noticed when dealing with the millennial generation are high expectations, low patience, and strug- gle when technology is limited or restricted. This generation grew up with rapid change of computer access and all forms of technology. They prefer and expect rapid change when pro- cesses do not work. They have little tolerance and patience for changes that are delayed for long durations. They would prefer to streamline and speed up the process of learning their job and don't seem to embrace putting your time in for "moving up the ladder." Most millenni- al employees have significant difficulty in go- ing for long periods of time being disconnected from their cell phones. A majority of the viola- tions of our cell phone policy are from the mil- lennial generation, although not all. McDonnell: With the increasing number of millen- nials joining the manufacturing industry, how do you see the evolution of the way you manage and/ or train your team? Phelps: I see that millennials like a challenge, es- pecially if you engage them in a specific goal or improving tasks. They like to take ownership in the process. They like to be engaged, and they get bored easily. The hands-on training seems to work well for millennials, if sufficient time by Davina McDonnell SALINE LECTRONICS Hiring, Training and Retaining Millennials FEATURE COLUMN: MANAGING MILLENNIALS

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