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72 SMT Magazine • May 2017 by Donato Casati, ALPHA ASSEMBLY SOLUTIONS, and Alessandro Severi, PSM – SECO SECO's latest product innovation, UDOO X86, is a real computer with an integrated Ardu- ino 101 compatible board that is capable of run- ning games and videos in 4K. In short, a board destined to revolutionize the technology avail- able to product designers seeking to strengthen the connections between computers and daily life. The UDOO X86 is 10x more powerful than the Raspberry Pi 3, which is the world's most commonly used single board computer. Addi- tionally, the UDOO X86 is compatible with all major operating systems (Android, Linux and Windows), which allows this small board to be used with all types of software, and in the most diverse operating environments. Through a community of developers and managers who collaborate online to widen its potential applications, the technology of the UDOO X86 is paving the way for new develop- ments in software connected to household sen- sors, such as switching off lights for example. The success of the UDOO X86 is impressive, but so is SECO's ability to develop this game- changing product with low-cost technology for mass appeal and affordability. The Design Manufacturing Process In designing the hardware of this board, aimed at a huge audience of electronics enthu- siasts, SECO had some major challenges to ad- dress: a. to simplify the process in order to substantially reduce costs b. to guarantee the superior mechanical strength of the product and all of its soldered joints c. to guarantee the product's electric and electrochemical reliability Tape and Reel Solder Preforms: A Success Story for the UD00 X86 SECO Board ARTICLE

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