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96 SMT Magazine • May 2017 1 Managing Millennials: Lean Champion Jeff Riedel Emphasizes the Importance of Mentoring Our next manager to highlight is Jeff Riedel, the Lean Cham- pion at Saline Lectronics. Jeff talks about the unique challeng- es of dealing with and train- ing millennials, the advantag- es that they bring to the table, and strategies to help develop them into effective leaders as the older generation leaves the workforce. 2 Ray Pritchard Looks Back at IPC's Beginning and His Role in Getting it Started I have known Ray Pritchard for a long time—as long as I've been involved with IPC, in fact. He directed the organiza- tion for 35 years before turn- ing over the reins. One could say he grew up with the organization—or vice ver- sa. Ray was always a bundle of energy and still is, still joking and warm, a great people person, and I am sure he had a little something to do with the spirit of camaraderie and cooperation that is the hallmark of the IPC we know today. 3 Successful, Long-Term Growth at Prime Technological Services Publisher Barry Matties sat down with Prime Technolog- ical Services CEO Greg Ches- nutt at IPC APEX EXPO, to glean how they continue to find success and have been able to maintain such an im- pressive growth rate over the last four years. 4 RTW IPC APEX EXPO: Ray Prasad Discusses Revised IPC-7530 Reflow Profile Guidelines IPC Hall of Famer Ray Prasad, chairman of the IPC- 7530 committee, provides an overview of the newly re- vised IPC-7530, which pro- vides users with guidelines on how to successfully pro- file and characterize PCB as- semblies with high levels of efficiency. TOP TEN Recent Highlights from SMT007

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