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26 The PCB Magazine • May 2017 rules and regulations and all these things we have to follow; offshore, they don't have quite as stringent a situation. Goldman: You mentioned earlier that you had a couple of almost perpetual openings that you were having trouble filling. Ryder: That's very true, Patty. We've had a real challenge with process engineers and quality positions/quality managers. Those have been tough to find, and when you do find some- body that fits the bill, you do have to take good care of them. Otherwise, somebody will be out courting them and they'll be gone. Goldman: How about line operators? How's that been? Ryder: In the Redmond shop we still have chal- lenges with that, as well. People, again, want to go work for the big company. Goldman: Or they can't afford to live there? Ryder: They can't. In the city of Redmond there's an interesting thing that occurs. The population doubles during the daytime and then it gets cut in half after about 6–7pm. So, depending on which way you're driving, you're in for a long wait. It's sad that many people can't afford to live reasonably close to where they work. That's just the case. If you were for- tunate enough to have purchased a home in the Redmond area, say, 20 years ago or so, you're in good shape; otherwise, good luck with that. Re- tail is a significant issue in the Redmond/Seattle DAVE RYDER ON PROTOTRON CIRCUITS' STRATEGY FOR HIRING IN TODAY'S MARKETPLACE

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