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34 The PCB Design Magazine • May 2017 by Tim Haag INTERCEPT TECHNOLOGY Propelled by Preparation FEATURE COLUMN: TIM'S TAKEAWAYS It's happened to all of us—hitting the pave- ment in search of a job. Whether as a teenager looking for that first job, as a young man look- ing for that first career, or as an experienced de- signer looking for the advancement, I have been there as well. Granted, our job-hunting methods have changed over the years. When I was a teenager, I was walking or riding my bike to businesses near my home. I remember asking the manag- er of the local burger joint to give me just two minutes to explain why I would be great to have around. Years later, I traded that bike for a car and spent days driving to different locations to drop off resumes and schedule interviews. These days, it's a matter of networking and filling out online forms just to get your foot in the door. But the anxiety of searching for a job often boils down to the same question: "What can I say and do to become the person that they are look- ing for?" I'm sure that if you could add it all up, the amount of time spent by job applicants world- wide anxiously preparing for interviews would be in the billions of hours. Usually the source of the anxiety is based in thinking that we need to become more than who we already are to suc- ceed in getting a job. Well, I would like to challenge that line of thinking. I believe that instead of focusing on what we think that we need to change into, our time would be better spent highlighting the experiences and strengths that we already have within us. Perhaps if we did a better job ex- ploring who we already are, we might just find that we are more prepared that we would have thought. Recently my wife and I bought the movie "Sully," and after the movie was over, she went to sleep. I spent the next several hours going through all the extras that came with the disc. I watched several interviews with people re-

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