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40 The PCB Design Magazine • May 2017 All About Flex: Flex Circuit Stiffeners Many flexible circuit designs require selectively bonded stiffeners…they're just too flexible! Stiff- ener materials can be any number of materials, but they are usually polyimide films or FR-4 glass/ epoxy substrates and are available in a wide vari- ety of thicknesses. ACFEST: Benchmarking a New Solderable PCB Finish New, innovative manufacturing procedures have been developed by the recently completed proj- ect, Manufacturing Advanced Coating for Future Electronics SysTems (MACFEST), which has been funded by several partners and the government's Innovate UK. Printed Circuits LLC Pursues Further Capacity and Technology Upgrades to Start 2017 Rigid-flex circuit board manufacturer, Printed Cir- cuits has started 2017 with a few enhancements to their equipment line up, designed to increase capacity, improve technical capability and reduce process time for their customers. Weiner's World—March 2017 The CPCA show held at the China International PCB And Assembly Show was moderately busy even though the new venue was not quite ready (no escalators, the "water closets" not fully fin- ished, the heat was only on for a few hours one day). It showcased products for PCB Manufactur- ing, Electronic Assembly Materials and Manufac- turing Services. EIPC Workshop on PCB BioMEMS The Premier Inn conference centre at Heathrow Airport was the venue for the EIPC workshop on PCB BioMEMS. What, I hear you ask, is a PCB BioMEMS? This is an abbreviation for biomedical (or biological) microelectromechanical systems, otherwise known as lab-on-chip. Flex Talk: Flex Material Handling— An Inside Peek As increasingly more designs move to flexible mate- rials to take advantage of space, weight or packag- ing benefits, it has been clear that flexible circuits require a different set of rules than their rigid coun- terparts. We spend substantial time working through the design to ensure that flex is as robust as possible. A Conversation with Gene Weiner In a discussion following the PCB Executive Fo- rum at IPC APEX EXPO in February, Gene Weiner opened up to Barry Matties and Patty Goldman on the state of the North American electronics indus- try supply chain and the importance of cooperative efforts up and down that supply chain. American Standard Circuits Discusses e-Book on Designing Flex and Rigid-Flex American Standard Circuits is an industry leader when it comes to high-technology printed circuit boards, especially flex and rigid-flex printed circuit boards. So, it was natural that they would write about flex and rigid-flex for I-Connect007's new "Guide to…" e-book series. PCB Technology Requirements for Millimeter-Wave Interconnect and Antenna The work done by Optiprint AG in support of Mi- WaveS substantiates that PCB technology can satisfy the engineering requirements for mmW circuitry providing the manufacturing capabilities can match the positional accuracy, feature toler- ance and surface finish requirements. Elmatica's New Technology Results in an Increase for Flex and Rigid-Flex Printed Circuits Elmatica has reported an increase in the demand for flex and rigid-flex boards in the Nordics. New advanced technology requires flexible circuits to fulfill challenging form-factor requirements, elimi- nate connectors and improve performance. PCB007 Highlights

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