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56 SMT Magazine • June 2017 KOH YOUNG DISCUSSES LATEST AOI INNOVATIONS by Stephen Las Marias I-CONNECT007 At the recent NEPCON China event in Shanghai, I caught up with Koh Young Tech- nology's Overseas Sales Team Manager Scott Kim, to talk about the latest challenges and de- velopments happening in inspection technolo- gies. We also discussed the key factors to consid- er when it comes to buying inspection systems. Stephen Las Marias: Scott, what are the new de- mands or requirements from your customers when it comes to inspection? Scott Kim: Recently, more and more customers want to have 3D based technology, especially for measuring component heights. Previously, customers once checked the defects based on 2D technology, but now it's already moved to 3D. 3D has almost become the standard in this industry. Las Marias: What's the key factor here for users to move to 3D? Kim: The key factors are the false-call rate, es- cape rate and productivity. Comparing 2D in- spection technology to 3D, there's a big gap when it comes to these parameters. So, more and more customers, once they evaluate a 3D AOI system, and compare the performance to their existing 2D systems, eventually they select 3D for their inspection technology. Las Marias: Does it make sense to have both 2D and 3D inspection systems in a line? Kim: Yes, as there's another key difference be- tween 2D and 3D technology. In 2D, usually you just find the defects. Normally, 2D users, fo- cusing on just defects, are reluctant to change to 3D without paying attention to false calls. How- ever, 3D is different. We are measuring some- thing, not just detecting defects. For instance, we measure the height so that we have data, and based on that data, we set the tolerance. Beyond that tolerance means a defect, and within the tolerance, it's a pass. So, before having a reject, we have measurement data, which is the key advantage of 3D AOI. We FEATURE INTERVIEW

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