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80 SMT Magazine • June 2017 by Stephen Las Marias I-CONNECT007 Ivan Li, general manager at Shenzhen Axx- on Automation Co. Ltd (China), discusses their recent acquisition by Mycronic, as well as the latest developments in the dispensing market. Also discussed is the China market, and how the company is staying ahead of the increasing competition in the dispensing industry. Stephen Las Marias: Please tell us a little bit about Shenzhen Axxon. Ivan Li: Established in 2007, Axxon is dedicated to supplying professional dispensing solutions. Our products are focused mainly on three big fields: consumer electronics, automotive, and customized solutions. We provide total solu- tions to our customers. Las Marias: What are some of the products you are showcasing here at the Expo? Li: The products we brought to the show in- clude a standalone benchtop dispensing robot and an in-line conformal coating system. The benchtop dispensing robot series includes a ba- sic benchtop robot without a vision system, for easy and low-end dispensing demands, and a more-precise model with a vision system con- trolled by a PC. This is suitable for some high- mix and low-volume demands from customers. Las Marias: What are the latest updates in your dispensing systems? Li: There are new features in this industry, which lie in two aspects: one is people require more and more from the aspects of intelligence and smart technology. The other side is they want more flexible machines or solutions, to satisfy those high-mix, low volume, and quick change- overs demands during production. On these two aspects, Axxon is in a leading position in the China market. Las Marias: Shenzhen Axxon was recently ac- quired by Mycronic. Can you tell us about any updates or changes so far within the company since the acquisition? Li: Over the past decade, Axxon has been pri- marily focused on the China market. We want- ed to bring our brand to the overseas market. On the other hand, we wanted to have some complementary technology collaboration with Mycronic. If we can merge very well, we will be able to come up with very new, innovative and cost-effective solutions for new applications. Shenzhen Axxon Discusses Acquisition and Dispensing Market Trends INTERVIEW

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