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32 The PCB Magazine • June 2017 by Thomas Hofmann HOFMANN LEITERPLATTEN GMBH Abstract Hofmann Leiterplatten GmbH has de- veloped a wide range of products during in 25 years. New manufacturing know-how has been developed in fabricating organic PCB with em- bedded devices. A special name "AML®" (Ac- tive Multi Layer) [1] was created to differentiate the surface mount devices (SMD) and the de- vice embedded technology (DET) PCBs. Manu- facturing processes that are not typical for stan- dard PCB fabrication shops has been developed. The paper explains typical applications whe- re PCBs with embedded devices are used today. In addition, products with improved reliability will be shown and what are the benefits for the industry and the end user. The last section in the paper will focus on future trends and the option for systems in PCBs (SiPCB®) [2]. This enabling technology will open advanced production possibilities for im- proved reliability of high power electronics and harsh environment technology solutions. The paper will share specific knowledge applied in the production of products with embedded de- vices in PCBs more than 20 years. Important pa- tents in Europe have expired. This will open a great opportunity for device embedded techno- logy in PCBs as an excellent future potential for designers, PCB fabricators, EMS companies and OEMs. Introduction Thomas Hofmann founded Hofmann Leit- erplatten GmbH in 1989. The objective was to provide special technology solutions based on printed circuit board technology to the elec- tronics industry in Regensburg in Germany. During this time, many OEMs in Europe closed their in-house PCB fabrication sites to stream- line the electronic equipment fabrication pro- cess. PCBs became commodities like standard passive and active components. The goal of the newly formed PCB factory started by Thomas Hofmann was to create innovative fabrication support for electronic designers and develop- ment engineers for large OEMs and EMS com- panies like Siemens, Osram, Infineon and many others in the Regensburg area. PCB fabrication technology was selected be- cause this includes the widest range of fabrica- tion technologies. Here are some examples of Embedding Active and Passive Components in Organic PCBs for More Reliability and Miniaturization FEATURE

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