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48 The PCB Design Magazine • June 2017 that was demonstrating with a flexible circuit. All About Flex: FAQs for Extended-Length Flexible Circuits Extended-length flexible circuits are larger than typically offered sizes in the interconnect industry. The length of these oversized circuits can be any- where from two to 10 feet or longer. A long, con- tinuous flexible circuit can offer design advantages over using normal sized circuits. Ding Cheng of BYD Electronic: Embracing the FPC Factory Model of the Future The topic of the third issue of PCB007 China Mag- azine is "The Wide World of Flex." Around this theme, we asked one of the leaders of China's FPC industry, Ding Cheng, general manager of the FPC Division of Shenzhen BYD Electronic Parts Com- pany, to share his perspective about trends in flex. Weiner's World—April 2017 China's economy accelerated for a second-straight quarter as investment picked up, retail sales re- bounded, and factory output accelerated in March. Gross domestic product increased 6.9% in the first quarter from a year earlier, compared with a 6.8% median estimate in a Bloomberg survey. All About Flex: Origami Interconnection Origami is the art of folding paper; it was believed to have originated in Japan, but historical evidence suggests it existed in several parts of the world during the same period. Origami artistry starts with a flat sheet of paper and by making a series of folds and creases, the result is a three-dimensional figure. The Right Approach: Finding the Next Generation of 'Board Rats' Owners of printed circuit board shops across the country are united in their top concern for their businesses: finding new talent. While this problem crosses all industries, what is unique is the com- plexity and learning curve of our business. Standard of Excellence: The Advantages of Flex and Rigid-Flex Circuits Since their introduction, flexible and rigid-flex cir- cuits have been steadily moving from the fringe of electronic interconnection towards its center. To- day, flex and rigid-flex circuits are found in count- less products from the very simple to the highly complex. TTM Shines a Light on Optical Interconnect Are embedded optics on PCBs set to make a break- through in the upcoming years? According to Dr. Craig Davidson, VP of Corporate Technology at TTM, it might be closer than you'd expect. In a re- cent interview with the I-Connect007 team, Craig outlines TTM's current pursuit of high-volume manufacturing lines able to deliver embedded op- tical interconnect and other insights. Punching Out! Selling a Company— Seeing it as a Triumph, Not a Defeat Somehow, there is a still a stigma that selling a company is a negative for the owner. Many people think that there must be something wrong, other- wise, they would not be selling. However, exiting a business should be looked at as a triumph for the owner, not a defeat. Material Choices for High-Speed Flexible Circuits High-speed flexible circuits materials are now avail- able from many suppliers. In deciding which mate- rials to test or use, remember the tradeoffs the sup- pliers made in categories we discussed: electrical properties, mechanical/flex properties, and ease of processing. A choice should only be made after considering these options. Flex Talk: Squink—Integrating Fabrication and Assembly in One Package When walking through trade show expos, I tend to be drawn into product demonstrations on the show floor. Recently, at IPC APEX EXPO, I stopped in front of a piece of desktop printing equipment PCB007 Highlights

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