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102 The PCB Design Magazine • July 2017 1 Mentor Introduces Unique Valor NPI Automated Technology Solution to Ease PCB DFM With the increasing complexity of PCB technology, there is a greater burden put on manufacturers to create useful DFM rules. Unlike tradi- tional DFM methods that limited DFM technology use to subject matter experts, with the new Valor NPI, designers can benefit from DFM without hav- ing to be an expert. 2 A Deep Look Into Embedded Technology We set up a conference call with the goal of uncovering the challenges and opportunities related to embedded technol- ogy. Invited were a handful of the industry's heavy hitters in the embedded world: Retired technologist and I-Connect007 Contributing Editor Happy Holden, and Ohmega's Technical Director Daniel Brandler and Design & Test Engineer Manuel Herrera. 3 Orange County Chapter of IPC Designers Council Lunch 'n' Learn Meeting July 19 For the July Lunch 'n' Learn meeting on July 19, speakers will ex- plore the advances in embedded pas- sives, which can ben- efit many designs today. Speakers include Bruce Mahler of OhmegaPly Technologies and Jin Hyun Hwang of DuPont. 4 Beyond Design: The Dark Side–Return of the Signal Barry Olney has written about cur- rent flow actually being a round trip— the current must re- turn to the source to complete the loop. What about crosstalk in the return path of the reference planes as the current weaves its way back through the expansive wasteland of copper? This month's col- umn elaborates on crosstalk in the unseen "dark side" of the signal. TOP TEN Recent Highlights from PCBDesign007

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