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Need Better RF Performance? FR-4 No More! Demand for wireless data is growing exponentially, driving a need for substantially higher levels of mobile network capacity and performance. This demand will grow further in support of the upcoming 5G IoT ecosystem where billions of devices will be communicating with each other, and connectivity is immediate and uninterrupted. FR-4 was historically a material choice for many less demanding RF applications, but changes in the wireless infrastructure related to growing performance requirements, especially in small cells and carrier-grade WiFi/Licensed Assisted Access (LAA), have resulted in instances where the properties of FR-4 are lacking, and RF performance and consistency is compromised. There's no longer a need to sacrifice your PCB performance. *Design Dk; Differential Phase Length Method at 2.5 GHz PROPERTY TYPICAL VALUE Dk* 4.38 Df 0.005 — Now There's Kappa™ 438 Laminates. Wireless circuit designers can enjoy a true breakthrough with Kappa 438 laminates because they feature the performance of "mid-tier" circuit materials and they shatter the performance limits of FR-4, but at affordable prices. Kappa 438 laminates have low loss, excellent Dk tolerance, and tight thickness control and are engineered for outstanding, repeatable wireless performance. By having similar Dk to FR-4, your design transition to Kappa 438 laminates will be effortless! Visit to learn more. USA - AZ, tel. +1 480-961-1382 • EUROPE - BELGIUM, tel. +32 9 235 3611 Introducing Kappa ™ 438 Laminates

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