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4 The PCB Design Magazine • August 2017 What does your company do when a board fails? When the board is designed, fabricated and as- sembled by three different entities, not to mention shipped by a fourth, figuring out what went wrong can be difficult, not to mention time-consuming. This month, we're approaching this question from the point of view of the PCB designers and de- sign engineers, because they tend to bear the brunt of the blame when a PCB starts smoking. Whose Fault is It? Whose Fault is That Bad Board? by Gaudentiu Varzaru Enough Blame to Go Around by Scott Decker, CID+ Fault-Finding: It's All About Prevention, not Blame by Kelly Dack, CID+ FEATURE COLUMN It Really Wasn't My Fault! by Tim Haag 12 20 26 34 12 26 34 20 August 2017 Featured Content

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