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8 The PCB Magazine • September 2017 We've covered the subject of process engi- neering before in our magazines, so why are we doing it again? Well, do you really think that one issue can cover everything there is to know about process engineering? Of course not. Having been there and done that as far as process engineering goes, I will expound only briefly on a point before getting to our line- up. It's what I call process evolution. I'm sure it's something that goes on in PCB shops all over the world: The original process is tweaked a little bit to run a certain PCB through, then tweaked again for another job, tweaked again because something isn't quite right, and…you get the picture. Pretty soon, that process has evolved (or devolved) into a process that is out of spec and no longer works—and then the en- gineer is called. (Step one: Reset back to the starting point.) I've seen that happen too many times to count. At any rate, we do have a heck of a line-up this month with plenty of meat on its bones, I promise you. As I mentioned, I've held the title of process engineer at times during my career, but rarely have I seen the position spelled out as clearly as George Milad (Uyemura) has in our intro article to this issue. George lays out the responsibilities of the role for us in clear, straightforward lan- guage. It's quite an involved job as any PE will tell you—and as their management should cer- tainly recognize. This made me think, "Wouldn't it be neat if there were a nice process engineering T-shirt out there? And if there is, shouldn't managers be providing one to their PEs?" Well, surprise, by Patty Goldman I-CONNECT007 The Fundamentals of Process Engineering PATTY'S PERSPECTIVE

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