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76 The PCB Magazine • September 2017 Temporary assignments, such as working in logistics to observe warehouse safety or en- listing their help to conduct third-party safety audits for other departments, foster teamwork across the company. Furthermore, completing OSHA workplace health and safety training, be- ing part of a successful ISO audit, or earning Six Sigma certification should be worthy of any company's employee recognition program. Rec- ognition improves employee morale and in- creases productivity, while also demonstrating the company's commitment to developing and investing in the future of its people. Let them lead! Not only do millennials value being men- tored, but they also wish to share their skills with other employees. Reverse mentoring [5] en- ables older workers to learn from millennials. Whether it's adopting new software, training on effective use of collaboration tools or adding a social component to a workplace safety initia- tive, millennials can share their knowledge to help co-create new solutions. Invite millenni- als to take the lead on specific corporate com- munication initiatives involving safety in the workplace. Put them in charge of updating safe- ty tips on digital signage throughout your com- pany's facility. Finally, although this article focuses on mil- lennials, it's important to state that intergener- ational teams [6] bring out the best in all employ- ees. They allow many views to be heard and can generate unique approaches to workplace safety throughout the company. Not only does it facil- itate collaboration across generations, it's criti- cal to defining an inclusive and dynamic high- performance culture. PCB References 1. Millennials surpass Gen Xers as the larg- est generation in U.S. labor force, Pew Research Center. 2. Working with Millennials: What They Need to Know About Safety, Construction Equipment Guide.com. 3. To Reach Millennials, Speak Their (Large- ly Visual) Language, SHRM. 4. The Hidden Effects of Miscommunication on Workplace Safety, The Marlin Company. 5. Mentoring Millennials, Meister and Wil- lyerd, Harvard Business Review. 6. Bringing Out the Best from Each Genera- tion, Sodexo Insights. This article is published with permission of The Marlin Company. Barry Lee Cohen is president and managing director of Launch Communications. To read past columns or to contact Cohen, click here. MYTHS ABOUT MILLENNIALS: WORKPLACE SAFETY MATTERS A novel, high-frequency electronic chip po- tentially capable of transmitting tens of gigabits of data per sec- ond—a rate that is orders of mag- nitude above the fastest inter- net speeds avail- able today—has been developed by engineers at the University of California, Davis. Omeed Momeni, an assistant professor of elec- trical and computer engineering at UC Davis, and doctoral student Hossein Jalili, designed the chip using a phased array antenna system. Phased ar- ray systems funnel the energy from multiple sourc- es into a single beam that can be narrowly steered and directed to a specific location. High-Frequency Chip Brings Researchers Closer to Next Generation Technology

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