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34 SMT Magazine • October 2017 Pirou: At the end of the day, it's all about cus- tomer requirements and test coverage. There is not always a reason to exclude 2D to 3D. All the players are using mathematical algorithms that are a combination of both. 3D is a great enabler to simplify programming and to ex- pand test coverage, but this shouldn't be at the expense of a lower 2D capability. If you take the example of, for instance, the lighting automo- tive industry, they have very critical 2D mea- surements to make sure that the optical path of the LED is well aligned. A centroid is compared to other features on the board, being a point, being a line, or whatever , with advanced me- trology capabilities, you can achieve the accu- racy and the reliability required for such appli- cations. As I said, the best technologies today are combining the best of both worlds to ser ve the customer requirements for what is critical to the process and critical to the end-user ap- plication. Las Marias: Over the past few years, we've talk- ed to a lot of people and companies, and every- one's very optimistic. They're saying that last year there was a downturn, but at the end of last year it started picking up, and this year growth is continuing. Are you also experiencing it on your side? Pirou: Yes. We see, as far as inspection is con- cerned, that this is one of the best ways today to guarantee quality at individual process steps. This is creating value for customers. Everybody wants to move towards the Six Sigma line. In- spection is a great enabler, and yes, we see that we are one of the few to really contribute to that better yield enhancement with customers. Las Marias: Is there anything else we should be talking about? Pirou: Moving towards the Six Sigma line in an ever-smarter factory is a very exiting topic. The world is moving fast in that direction which makes our industry much more interesting. Las Marias: Thank you very much, Olivier. Pirou: Thank you for your time. SMT MOVING TOWARD THE ZERO-DEFECT LINE At the recent SMTA International 2017 exhibition in Rosemont, Il- linois, Gary Tanel, president of the SMTA Dallas Chapter, speaks with I-Connect007 Publisher Barry Matties on a myriad of topics, including the goal of the SMTA as an industry association, and how it is helping the industry evolve. They also discussed challenges and strategies in bringing more young people to the industry, as well as why they should be involved with the SMTA. Tanel, who has been the president of the Dallas Chapter since 1994, also talks about their chapter, their activities, and how it is help- ing individual members grow their interpersonal and leadership skills. Watch the interview here. Gary Tanel Discusses How SMTA Helps the Industry Evolve " If you take the example of, for instance, the lighting automotive industry, they have very critical 2D measurements to make sure that the optical path of the LED is well aligned. "

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