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64 The PCB Magazine • October 2017 A year ago, I wrote a column for this mag- azine that focused on utilizing the experience and knowledge of others to help simplify your life and job. I specifically talked about IPC and how the organization has become a key cog in the machine that is the PCB industry. Specifical- ly, I discussed IPC's Validation Services division and their Qualified Products List (QPL), Qual- ified Manufacturers List (QML), and Qualified Test Laboratories list. In addition, I talked about the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), which sup- ports the Department of Defense (DoD). These are all great resources for finding the expertise you might need to help you along your path. But what I failed to mention in that article was the idea of becoming an expert yourself. Training courses can be found everywhere. All of us have received e-mails and flyers about becoming a better manager, or how to multi- task, or how to motivate co-workers…but some - times it's more difficult to find training specif- ically geared towards the PCB industry itself. That said, IPC has developed a group of courses, with certifications, that can help you learn more about the products that you are creating/devel - oping/producing as well as keep you up-to-date on any potential changes within the industry. Currently, there are six training and certifi- cation programs overseen by IPC that cover the main areas of PCB/PCA (printed circuit assem- bly) production: IPC J-STD-001 Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies IPC J-STD-001 is the preeminent document for all things pertaining to assembly manufac- turing. For this training course, specifically, sol- dering materials and processes are discussed at length, with example images and requirements supplied in the documentation to assist the trainee in understanding acceptable and unac- ceptable manufacturing situations. LET'S TALK TESTING by Keith M. Sellers NTS-Baltimore

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