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70 The PCB Magazine • October 2017 Introduction Being a quality professional today is noth- ing like it was 20 or 25 years ago; on a person- al level, I can attest to this fact. It is no longer adequate to appoint a quality manager simply based on a person's command of acceptance cri- teria and industry specifications; in the 21 st cen- tury, a truly hybrid executive is needed. The Quality Manager Position One of the most important decisions a com- pany can make is the selection of the person that will lead the quality organization. This per- son will most likely be the face of the company with customers, suppliers, and your ISO regis- trar as the organization's ISO management rep- resentative. To differentiate yourself as a world- class organization, the skill set of your senior quality professional must go way beyond the requisite technical competencies called for in the job description. In this column… "What I will be sharing with you are a very particular set of skills—skills I have acquired over a long career. Skills that will make you a nightmare for any auditor look- ing to slap you with numerous findings. Skills that will enable you to elevate your organiza- tion from the middle of the pack to the rare air of the exceptional." (As a side note, after seeing the 2008 blockbuster movie "Taken," I called my friend Liam Neeson and gave him hell for stealing this skill set quote of mine for his char- acter Bryan Mills!) Steve's Particular Set of Skills 1. Charisma Quality management is all about influence; the more influence you have, the more effective you will be. Quality oversees the performance of the entire organization, and must manage this through influence and motivation and not Steve's Particular Set of Skills (to become a World-Class Quality Manager) THE RIGHT APPROACH by Steve Williams THE RIGHT APPROACH CONSULTING image: 20th Century Fox

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