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10 The PCB Magazine • October 2017 World PCB production reached an estimated $58.2 billion in 2016, up 2.2% in real terms, while North American PCB production decreased 0.1%, according to IPC's newly published "World PCB Production Report" for 2016. The North American PCB market also continued its downward trend, but at just -1.7% in 2016, based on data pub- lished this week in IPC's 2017 Annual Report on the North American PCB Industry. The "World PCB Production Report" shows that more than half the world's PCBs based on value are now produced in China, but Taiwanese com- panies are the leading PCB producers, fabricating most of their PCBs off-shore. India has the fastest- growing PCB industry in Asia and has joined the top 10 PCB-producing countries in the world. The world report highlighted that rigid PCB production, which has slowed in recent years, was up slightly in 2016, while the previously growing flex segment decreased. New IPC Studies Show World PCB Market up in 2016 as North American Market Shrinkage Slows Patricia Goldman is managing editor of The PCB Magazine. To contact Goldman, click here. (SIGNAL) INTEGRITY FOR ALL dor Industries; and of course, Happy Holden. Learn about the challenges both designers and manufacturers face along with tips and point- ers on how to deal with them. This is definitely some meaty reading. Our next article comes from Scott Jewler of SVXR who makes a strong case for optimizing SI in the printed circuit using a new, non-de- structive high-speed X-ray technology. The key words here are "non-destructive" and "high- speed." Next, Happy Holden, known as the "father of HDI," makes the case for using HDI when de- signing and manufacturing PCBs that require stringently controlled impedance. Going be- yond detailing the advantages and benefits, he meticulously ties together information from the SI masters with real examples to make this article a training course in itself. Our regular columnists round out the line- up this month. First, we have Mike Carano, RBP Chemical Technology, with Part 2 of his series on the importance of rinsing. Next, Keith Sell- ers, NTS-Baltimore, exhorts our readers to be- come experts in their fields by taking advantage of the myriad opportunities to learn: books, magazines, training courses, technical confer- ences, and IPC subcommittees are all ways to do this, along with IPC's certification programs. A great follow-up to this is Steve Williams, The Right Approach Consulting, introducing his set of skills needed to become a world-class quality manager. Don't want to be a QM? These skills can be applied to just about any manage- rial position, but also to any life position. Check it out. We wrap up with IPC's John Mitchell, who explains a bill recently introduced in Congress to create incentives for establishing apprentice- ship programs. Recognizing the skills gaps that exist in the U.S. (not just in our industry), the bill presents a multi-pronged approach that in- volves tax credits, military veterans and em- ployees nearing retirement. More details in his column. Next month, we continue in this high-tech vein with HDI as our central topic. High-densi- ty interconnect technology was more or less "in- vented" right here in the U.S., but largely ignored here, taking off primarily in Asia. But, again, as we continue to cram more and more into less and less, HDI is truly coming into its own. You know the drill: If you haven't already, subscribe now to have The PCB Magazine deliv- ered to your inbox every month. You want to be at the front of the line when the next issue pub- lishes. See you then! PCB

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