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72 SMT Magazine • November 2017 from occurring in new product designs. How- ever, there are also other approaches being in- vestigated as potential mitigation strategies that directly address the theorized root cause by em- ploying innovative assembly processes. Positive results have been demonstrated thus far, and more data is being generated before pursuing publication of this work. Acknowledgements The authors would like to thank our man- agers, Scott Priore, Sadanand Patil and Roberto Recca for their support of this work. We would also like to acknowledge Passawee Reaungart from Celestica Thailand for her collaboration and support of these investigations. SMT Editor's Note: This article was originally pub- lished in the proceedings of SMTA International. References 1. Kelly, Matt, et al., "Via-In-Pad Plated Over (VIPPO) Design Considerations for Enterprise Serv- er and Storage Hardware," Proceedings of SMTA In- ternational, Sept. 2015, pp. 948-956. 2. Y ounger, Tim, et al., "The Challenge of Solder Hot Tear and Solutions," Proceedings of SMTA Chi- na South Technical Conference, 2015, pp. 70-73. 3. Perng, Steven, et al., "Innovative BGA Detec- tion Method for Transient Discontinuity," Proceed- ings of SMTA International, Sept. 2015, pp. 104- 108. Sue Teng Technical Leader, Manufacturing Engineering Cisco Systems, Inc. Paul Ton Technical Leader, Component Engineering Cisco Systems, Inc. Pier Peretta Technical Leader, Manufacturing Engineering Cisco Systems, Inc. Vanida Kome-ong Operation Engineering Specialist Celestica Thailand Wittaya Kamanee formerly Advance Engineer Celestica Thailand VIA-IN-PAD PLATED OVER DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS Alex Malek, vice president of sales and service for North America of SAKI, speaks with I-Connect007 Managing Editor Andy Shaughnessy about how automation and government invest- ment can help bring back manufac- turing jobs from overseas. Watch the interview here. How Automation and Government Support Can Help Reshoring Drive

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