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54 The PCB Design Magazine • November 2017 3D Printed Electronics for Printed Circuit Structures Printed electronics is a familiar term that is tak- ing on more meaning as the technology matures. Flexible electronics is sometimes referred to as a subset of this and the printing approach is one of the enabling factors for roll-to-roll processes. Bay Area Circuits Celebrates Manufacturing Day 2017 "Manufacturing Day continues to be an opportu- nity for us to connect with engineering students and introduce high-technology manufacturing to them as a viable career path," said Brian Paper, chief operating officer at Bay Area Circuits. All About Flex: Flexible Circuit Failure Analysis Design reviews and early involvement by a circuit board fabrication house can minimize the possi- bility of field problems, but despite best efforts, there remain occasions when diagnosis of a poorly performing design is required. A Guide to IPC Survey and Report Season IPC Director of Market Research Sharon Starr found time to discuss the recently conducted and published surveys and research reports and a few others still in the works. These reports are free to survey participants, which is certainly a great incentive for taking the time to complete them. (Hint: That's a call to action for those of you sitting on the sidelines.) EPTE Newsletter: Can Toshiba Survive? Toshiba was the leader in the electronics industry, and developed and marketed many types of elec- tronic equipment and devices that included word processors, printers, VCR cameras, tape recorders, hard disc drives, transceivers, laptop computers, facsimiles, cellular phones, and more. The Right Approach: Navigating Process Change? TPC is the Key Change is a given. While this adage may be quite true and normally a good thing, it can wreak pro- cess engineering havoc in a printed circuit op- eration. Change is good, but the operative word phrase is controlled change relative to the complex processes involved in manufacturing a printed cir- cuit board. Flex Talk: The Man Behind the Curtain "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." This famous quote from The Wizard of Oz conjures up the image of Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Cow- ardly Lion and the Scarecrow discovering that the great Wizard of Oz isn't as grand or as magical as he seems. Catching up with FineLine Global With locations all over the world and technology offerings covering all technologies, I wanted to see for myself what this "broker on steroids" was all about—how they got started and how they grew. So I was delighted to have a conversation with Eli Ikan, Fineline Global's General Manager. RTW SMTAI: Prototron Continues its Growth Dave Ryder and Russ Adams of Prototron Circuits discuss the firm's 30th anniversary and their con- tinued growth. Prototron recently hired several new staff members, and the company still has one open position to fill. American Standard Circuits Upgrades to ISO 9001:2015 American Standard Circuits has recently upgraded their ISO quality management certification to the latest standard, ISO 9100:2015. PCB007 Highlights

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