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66 The PCB Magazine • December 2017 It quickly became apparent that this fam- ily was going to need help and law enforce- ment was called. Within an hour there were 160 trained volunteers from the surrounding communities and a command center was set up. Ten years ago, this would have been what you would typically think of as a manhunt with chains of people walking through the fields. The scene looked significantly different on this fall day. The command center utilized drones enabled with infrared and heat-sensing tech- nology, a helicopter with similar technology to cover a larger area, the GPS from the tractor that planted that field was able to accurately display where each and every stalk of corn was and all 160 of those searchers were able to communi- cate in real time. So, why do I tell you this story in a flexible circuit column? I tell this story because each of those items just listed contains a flexible circuit. Our industry accomplishes some pretty amaz- ing things. We regularly hear that flex and rig- id-flex are a significantly growing portion of the Fall in the Midwest is one of my favorite seasons. The leaves are changing color, the air is crisp, but not yet cold, and those unexpect- ed days when the weather turns warm in late September and early October bring a smile and cheerfulness. Somehow it is like cheating the winter season just a little. Fall in the Midwest is also a busy time for farming. Fields are thick, dense and ready to harvest. I have a story to share. Picture a beautiful fall day filled with sunshine and warm winds. Just after dinner a family is out in their yard. The fa- ther and older son are finishing chores before dark and a little boy is playing in the yard with the family puppy. In a split second that pup- py ran into one of those thick, dense cornfields and this four-year-old boy followed, chasing af- ter his favorite pet. It was one of those split-sec- ond moments that every parent fears. If you have ever been in a cornfield in the Midwest, you know—your visibility is limited to maybe a row or two in front of you and maybe a row or two to the sides. The Power of Flex FLEX TALK by Tara Dunn OMNI PCB

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