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56 The PCB Design Magazine • December 2017 date and perspective on what's happening in the industry. And guess what? It's good news! The Right Approach: Steve's Particular Set of Skills (to become a World-Class Quality Manager) Being a quality professional today is nothing like it was 20 or 25 years ago; on a personal level, I can attest to this fact. It is no longer adequate to appoint a quality manager simply based on a person's command of acceptance criteria and in- dustry specifications; in the 21st century, a truly hybrid executive is needed. Planning a PCB: Signal Integrity and Controlled Impedance Considerations Knowledge and experience are the two key ele- ments when planning a PCB. Today's PCB design- ers must have far more knowledge and under- standing of the PCB production process than in the past. This is especially important when they plan and how they plan the stackup, via span, routing and power distribution. PCB/PCBA M&A Top 10 FAQs We frequently talk with owners about the possible sale of their businesses. Here are the top 10 ques- tions asked by PCB/PCBA shop owners about the process. Ladle on Manufacturing: Fabricating for Signal Integrity Signal integrity! In a world which is increasingly high-speed and digital, the chemical-dependent and mainly analogue-controlled world of PCB manufacturing is not always a comfortable partner. New I-Connect007 Team Members Tour American Standard Circuits Recently, Anaya Vardya, CEO of American Stan- dard Circuits, invited two of I-Connect007's new- est team members, IT coordinator Jonathan Zin- ski and Editor Kiersten Rohde, to tour his facility in West Chicago, Illinois. Happy Holden, resident PCB expert, also joined the newbies on their field trip to ASC. In the following articles, Jonathan and Kiersten describe their experience touring ASC. It's Only Common Sense: A Frustrated PCB Customer Vents I recently received an e-mail from a good friend at a top mil/aero company. Here's just one snippet: "Why do I have to call and ask, 'Where is my stuff?' If it were just one board shop, I would say good riddance and move on. But it is almost universal among our supplier base that late deliveries only get discovered when we ask…" Rex Rozario's Next Big Thing, Part 1 Barry Matties joins Rex Rozario at Lympstone Man- or, one of Rex's investments outside of the elec- tronics industry. The property, once an old country house in the Exeter countryside, has been trans- formed into a splendid hotel and restaurant. RTW SMTAI: NCAB's Perspectives on HDI and Miniaturization John Piccirilli of NCAB Group discusses the trends in HDI and miniaturization he's seeing around the world. He also talks about other interesting tech- nologies such as metal-backed PCBs and stretch- able materials. All Flex Hires Experienced CFO and Sales Manager All Flex has hired two key individuals to bolster the management and expansion of its high-perform- ing business areas. Walt Custer's Annual Update from productronica 2017 Industry consultant Walt Custer of Custer Consult- ing sat down with me at productronica 2017 to once again inform our readers with his yearly up- PCB007 Highlights

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