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December 2017 • The PCB Design Magazine 73 5 Nancy Jaster Brings Manufacturing, Design Background to Designers Council Nancy Jaster was recently named the head of the IPC De- signers Council. At the recent AltiumLive 2017 event, Barry Matties spoke with Nancy about her unique background in both design and manufac- turing, and how she hopes to use that experience and mindset to revitalize the Designers Council going forward, particularly with the International and student chapters. We also discussed her plans to bring more young people, particularly women, into the industry. 6 Video from productronica 2017: Karel Tavernier on Ucamco's New Communic8tor European Editor Pete Starkey and Ucamco Managing Director Karel Tavernier discuss Ucamco's cloud-based Communic8tor plat- form which facilitates two-way communication between the CAM engineer and the PCB designer, or any other party involved in the manufacturing process. This gives real-time access to image data and annotations, enabling queries to be resolved, changes to be approved, and a full communica- tions history to be maintained. 7 Beyond Design: When Do Traces Become Transmission Lines? At low frequencies, traces and components on a PCB behave simply as lossless lumped elements— as taught in Circuit Theory 101. But as the fre- quency increases, the copper trace and adjacent dielectric(s) become a transmission line, the skin effect forces current into the outer regions of the conductor and frequency-dependent losses im- pact on the quality of the signal. The PCB trace now behaves as a distributed system with parasitic inductance and capacitance characterized by de- lay and scattered reflections. 8 Bay Area Circuits Updates InstantDFM Tool Bay Area Circuits is on a quest to help PCB design- ers and design engineers. For the past few years, the company has been holding facility tours and open house events to help designers understand more about the fabrication process. At PCB West, I spoke with President Stephen Garcia and COO Brian Paper about their recent design tool update, and some of the other services they offer for PCB designers. 9 Cadence Appoints Anirudh Devgan as President Dr. Devgan will report to Lip- Bu Tan, Cadence chief execu- tive officer. Together, they will further the company's System Design Enablement strategy by accelerating the momen- tum in the core EDA business and delivering to the expand- ing needs of its growing customer base. J Signal Integrity: The Experts Weigh In When we began planning our issue on signal in- tegrity, we arranged a conference call with a va- riety of industry experts. Mike Steinberger of Si- Soft, Mark Thompson of Prototron Circuits, and Yogen and Sunny Patel of Candor Industries joined editors Andy Shaughnessy, Patty Goldman, Happy Holden and Publisher Barry Matties on the call for a spirited discussion about the challenges related to signal integrity and some of the tricks of the trade for helping ensure SI. for the latest circuit design news and information—anywhere, anytime.

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