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46 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2018 we set out to create a great tool that met the needs of all users— large companies, small companies and individual users alike, each of which wants to be able to design comprehensive products without large overhead. We coupled this with an aggressive price point that instantly made us attractive in the market when you also consider the performance and functionality being offered. We've built on that, and now we've reached the size where we can maintain this price point. Shaughnessy: Tell us about the new tools that you recently released. Stephens: One of the exciting features we're showcasing here today at the PCB West show is the Component Search Engine. This tool has been developed by a UK-based company called Samacsys and together we have worked to integrate their component search engine into Pulsonix. The website itself allows Pulsonix users to search over 11 million parts, view datasheets, pricing information from various suppliers, and most importantly, download verified Parts and their STEP models directly into Pulsonix with click of a button. I don't just mean download from a website, then manually import them; I mean one click and it's physically on the end of your cursor in either the schematic or PCB design environ- ments and saved into the Pulsonix libraries automatically. I remember speaking to Alex McDougal, the managing director of Samacsys, recently and he mentioned that engineers can spend up to half their design time working on component creation activities. Can you imag- ine just how much time this is going to save our users? Angela Alexander: This sounds very interest- ing and something I can imagine many of your customers are excited about. Stephens: Yes, very excited. We have trialed it across a selection of customers in Europe and the response has been tremendous. We are very pleased to be rolling it out to all the Pulsonix user base. As a no- cost option, it endorses the value our users receive for their invest- ment in the product purchase and the annual maintenance charge. Alexander: So this is your first venture out here to sell in the marketplace? Stephens: Not quite; this is the first time we have been here as a company showcasing Pul- sonix at a major tradeshow. We've been sell- ing Pulsonix here since 2001 through reselling partners who have attended various shows, but now we are here in our own right exhibit- ing our products. Alexander: And how have you found the show? Does it seem to be going well? Stephens: Very successful so far; we've met lots of interesting people and have been discuss- ing their needs and issues. Their challenges are very well addressed in the Pulsonix tool, so that has been a very positive aspect for us. The feedback we have had is that our technol- ogy meets their requirements and the product is also a good price point for them. Alexander: That's good. Shaughnessy: Great. Is there anything we missed? Stephens: No, I think that's it for now. We have had a good response from the show and will build on this success in the coming months. Shaughnessy: Thanks for speaking with us today, Ty. Stephens: My pleasure. DESIGN007 Ty Stephens, Pulsonix

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